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We encourage you to call our sales representatives to take a plant and laboratory tour and meet the people who work hard as a team to ensure you have a quality concrete experience, from load to load.

Office address:

Max Mall, /Ramada hotel/ Room #501
Peace avenue 35,
Bayangol District, 16th khoroo,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Phone: (976)-7014-3311
Fax: (976)-7012-2292

Main plant address:

Premium Concrete Batching Plant
Bayangol district, 20th khoroo
Erchim Khuch Street
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Борлуулалтын албаны утас:

Албаны дарга: 8811-3179
Борлуулалтын менежер: 8810-9288
Борлуулалтын менежер: 8810-9388, 9903-4447
Борлуулалтын ажилтан: 8900-3311