Delivering Quality from Research to Field Applications

About us

Connection with ACI gives us access to information on current projects around the world as well as information provided by the Institute and its programs.


Delivering Quality from Research to Field Applications

At Premium Concrete, we understand that our product, concrete, is one of the most unique and versatile building materials in the world. It can assume virtually any shape and reach great strengths. Concrete is ideal for any building project such as residential homes, schools, high-rise buildings, bridges, dams, highways etc.

Concrete is perishable in its plastic state and very “sensitive” from the time the raw materials are combined to the final product. Mixing, transportation, placing, and curing can influence its plastic and hardened properties. This is why Premium Concrete places great emphasis on quality by expanding the parameters of its concrete quality management model from quality control to quality assurance. Premium Concrete is leading the way to higher quality practices with the implementation of a Quality Management System based on the guidelines and principles of ACI 121. Premium Concrete is committed to delivering quality concrete as specified. Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art concrete laboratory to monitor the quality of raw materials and the performance of mix designs to assure that concrete meets and exceeds specifications

  • In-house testing – The constant in-house monitoring of our concrete performance through a regimented concrete sampling program.
  • Research and Development – At Premium Concrete, we are always testing and experimenting in order to bring you the latest in advanced concrete technologies that are suited to the local market’s raw materials, environment, and application.

We work closely with professors of the Tohoku University of Japan and Mongolian University of Science and Technology at Darkhan and at Ulaanbaatar in research on fly ash utilization and other facets of concrete practice, including air entrainment.


Carefully Selected Raw Materials

 It goes without saying that concrete quality starts with the raw materials. Our raw materials are selected based on their performance. Once in use, we constantly monitor each ingredient to ensure it meets specifications.